These are frequently asked questions (FAQs) and some suggestions to help you make your senior portraits fantastic.

How much is a session?

Our most popular senior session is $125. This includes both indoor and outdoor photos. Here is a link to our complete price list. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Checks, and Cash. If paying with cash, please keep in mind that we do not keep very much change on hand. Sales tax is collected for all session fees and purchases.

Do I have to pre-pay my session?

Well, that depends. For extremely popular times (some weekends and evenings), we require pre-payment. Usually, though, you can pay for your session when you come in.

What should I do before (or during) my session?

  • Check out your friends’ senior portraits or look in magazines or on Web sites and show us what you like. Look through our Web site and see if there’s anything in particular you like or don’t like. The more ideas you have, the better, but don’t worry if you don’t have any.
  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before. Nobody wants dark circles under their eyes for portraits.
  • Drink lots of water for a few days before, or at least the day before. It’s amazing how much better your skin looks when you’re hydrated.
  • Try on all of your outfits (more about this below)
  • Brush your teeth! This is something people often forget. Yes, it shows, and I know that’s kind of gross.
  • If there’s anything you want to do, tell us. We don’t do all the poses you see on the site at each session so if you like one, let us know.
  • Girls: bring some chap stick or lip gloss. It looks better.
  • Guys: shave. Yes, even peach-fuzz shows up. Of course, if your facial hair is part of your look, keep it.
  • Have fun! Attitude goes a long way.

What should I not do before (or during) my session?

  • Don’t tan within a few days of your session — your tan lines will show and not look good, you also risk having a red face for your portraits. Artificial tanning can look weird for several days after getting it done, too. Give it a few days to “mellow out” before your portraits.
  • Don’t use glitter makeup, lotion or hairspray. In “real life” the glittering is fleeting and sparkly. In a photograph it will look like you have white dots all over you and won’t look pretty like it is supposed to.
  • Do not chew gum during your portrait session — it will show and is difficult to retouch out. And in this case, “difficult” means “expensive.” ;-)

What should I wear?

Bring a variety of clothes. Feel free to express your personality in the photos, but also realize that mom and dad might want you to wear some nicer clothes as well. Variety is good!

Do make sure that you try the clothes on before you come and look at how they fit your body. Try to view them from all angles in a full length mirror. For example, girls, check to make sure you aren’t falling out of that low cut shirt. You will be moving around during the photos and often the most flattering angle is from slightly above, but that angle will also often be very revealing! Excessively tight clothes will look even tighter in a photo. If you don’t like how part of an outfit looks when you look in the mirror, don’t wear it! Make sure your clothes are clean and don’t look like you pulled them off your closet floor (ok, you might want some of them to look like that, if that is how you normally look, but bring a variety so they don’t all look like that).

How many outfits can I bring?

You can bring as many as you want, but we may not use them all. We don’t limit your number of outfits, but the amount of time we have does limit you. We usually can fit in 3 to 4 inside outfits and up to 2 outside outfits, depending on how fast you can change. We encourage you to bring more than you will need — this will allow us to help you select outfits that will work best.

How long will the session take?

For our session which includes indoor and outdoor portraits, plan on about 1 ½ to 2 hours. For our indoor-only session, plan on about an hour.

Can I bring my dog (cat, car, favorite book, musical instrument, sports uniform, etc.)?

Absolutely! We encourage you to express your personality in the photos and often that means including pets, instruments, sports stuff, cars, etc. Including these types of items will truly make your session a personal one!

Can we take some photos outside? If so, where?

Yes! If you have a place you would like to do the outdoor portion of your session, ask us about it. Otherwise, we have a couple of nearby locations that work wonderfully for portraits, and you can pick one of those. Our outdoor sessions are a walk in the park — literally. Most of the time it feels like we’re just walking around and stopping occasionally for some portraits. We are laid-back and try not to stress you out over anything. We often come up with interesting ideas (like jumping into a pond or wading in a creek), but if you’re uncomfortable doing anything just let us know. I promise you won’t hurt our feelings.

Do I need to have a parent with me?

Yes, a parent or guardian must be present unless you are over the age of 18, but even then, we  prefer that a parent to come with you. Your parent will need to fill out some paperwork and sign a form authorizing you to have your photo taken by us. Also, we have found that parents who come to the session are more satisfied with the results. We don’t always know if that smile you’re flashing at us is your cheesiest smile.

Will my photos be retouched? What if I have a major breakout the day of my session?

All final prints will be retouched, so don’t reschedule because of a zit emergency. The proofs, however will not be retouched. Our general rule for retouching is that if it’s permanent (like a mole, freckles, or other similar marks) we’ll leave it in. If it’s temporary (like a zit or a scratch), we’ll take it out. If you have scars, please let us know whether you want them removed or not.

How do I see my portraits?

There are a few ways to see your portraits. Within a week, we will have a private Web site with all of your images. You can order your prints on that site, too, but we recommend that you come into the studio for your order. It’s much easier to see the proofs and we can “play around” with them a lot more. Most people get an idea of what they want on the Web site and then come in to fine-tune their order. Here is a sample proofing site: Rowan’s Senior Portraits. This links to one of our Senior Representatives.

How many proofs will I see?

We do not promise a specific number of proofs, but in general you will see approximately 40 to 60 images for a Deluxe Session (studio and outdoors) and 20 to 40 images for a Basic Session (studio only). The more fun you are having with it, the more poses we will show you.

Do I have to pay extra for special effects such as black and white, fun effects, etc?

No, we do not charge extra for special effects. We do have an additional fee for designing collage prints with multiple photos on them.

What’s a Canvas Gallery Wrap?

A Canvas Gallery Wrap is a portrait printed on canvas and then wrapped around artists’ stretcher bars. These prints do not need to be framed (but certainly can be). Without frames, they offer a modern, sleek appearance. With frames, they take on a more traditional look. You can see what they look like in our post about Gallery Wraps.

Anything else?

If you have any  other questions, stop by the Contact page to send a message or to find our phone number. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.