Senior Representative Application

Attention: High School Juniors!

Now Recruiting Senior Representatives! Receive a discounted session plus other perks!

Who are we looking for? Current High School Juniors who are willing to have a fun and creative session late in their Junior Year of school and then tell their friends all about Squier Photography.

Initial session for $25 if completed by June 15th. You will receive a phone app with your photos in it to share with your friends. Each time a friend mentions that you referred them, you will receive:

1 Referral: 1 Accordion Mini Book
2 Referrals or More: $10 for each referral (plus the above)
5 Referrals: 25 Custom 5×7 Flat Graduation Announcements/Party Invites (plus the above)

Your initial senior session must occur by June 15th. Most of “Senior Season” in this area is during the summer between the junior and senior year of high school.

For Senior Rep sessions we encourage you to be creative in choosing clothes, props, locations, etc. Get your interests involved in your session! Have fun with it! We often use these sessions to try out new locations, poses, etc. so if you have an idea, just ask, we are probably willing to try it!

Once you refer one friend, you will be eligible to have one more session at any time during your Senior Year. This session can be just you again, it could be a friends session with several of your friends or it can be a family session. It is up to you and your parents! To receive this additional session, you must have referred at least one person to us.

Interested? Fill out the application and return it to us.

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  1. Have you been contacted by any other studios to represent them? (required)YesNo
    If so, which studios?
  2. What will you do that will make you a great Representative? (required)
  3. What activities, clubs or sports (inside or out of school) are you involved in? (required)
  4. What type of senior portraits would you like to have? (for example: indoor, outdoor, pets, sports, friends, etc.) (required)
  5. Are you willing to allow Squier Photography to use your images and name in advertising, marketing, and to post your photos on Facebook and/or other social media sites?YesNo (Note: an answer of "no" will disqualify you from becoming a representative)
  6. What is your preferred date for your initial session (must occur before June 15, 2018)?
  7. Senior Representative Agreement:

    I, , understand that the Squier Photography Rep program at Squier Photography is designed to promote Squier Photography. I will not accept another representative position from any other studio. I realize that I am not obligated to purchase any photographs. In exchange for representing Squier Photography I will receive a Deluxe Senior Session for $25. I will also be eligible to earn additional prizes and discounts based on the number of referrals who have their senior portraits taken by Squier Photography.

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