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Sarah — Worthington Christian HS 2017

Sarah is a wonderful, quirky, and dynamic girl who we’ve known for quite a while. While it’s still hard to believe she’s a senior in high school, we were thrilled to have her in the studio. She’s one of our representatives, so hit her up for a card or show us her app on your phone to get some free things with your order.

Here are a few photos. Be sure to take a look at her video at the bottom of this post, too!

Sarah's Radiant Smile

Sarah’s Radiant Smile

Blowing Glitter

Blowing Glitter

Sarah with Balloons

Sarah with Balloons

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Siddartha — Hilliard Darby HS Class of 2014

Siddartha was in the studio a little while ago and we’re just finally getting his blog post done. This will be the last post for 2013!

First off we’ll show you a slideshow with some favorites.

Here are a few of his images:

Siddartha -- Hilliard Darby Class of 2013


Siddartha by the Fence -- Central Ohio Senior Portrait

Siddartha by the Fence

Leaning on the Bridge -- Dublin, OH

Leaning on the Bridge

By the Cabin -- Hilliard, Ohio Senior Portrait

By the Cabin

Siddartha in Indian Clothes -- Dublin Ohio Senior Picture

Siddartha in Indian Clothes

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