Siddartha — Hilliard Darby HS Class of 2014

Siddartha was in the studio a little while ago and we’re just finally getting his blog post done. This will be the last post for 2013!

First off we’ll show you a slideshow with some favorites.

Here are a few of his images:

Siddartha -- Hilliard Darby Class of 2013


Siddartha by the Fence -- Central Ohio Senior Portrait

Siddartha by the Fence

Leaning on the Bridge -- Dublin, OH

Leaning on the Bridge

By the Cabin -- Hilliard, Ohio Senior Portrait

By the Cabin

Siddartha in Indian Clothes -- Dublin Ohio Senior Picture

Siddartha in Indian Clothes

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Angela — Thomas Worthington High School 2014

Angela was such a joy to photograph. She was here a few weeks ago on a warm, beautiful day and the light outside was wonderful.

There are a few in-studio portraits in the slideshow (along with some outdoor ones) so be sure to watch it.

And now for a few of the outside portraits! I like the light in this first one:

Angela's Senior Portrait -- Dublin Ohio Teen Portriat

Angela’s Senior Portrait

We then went down to the creek. The water was pretty low so we were able to use some rocks that are normally under water.

Angela by the Creek -- Thomas Worthington Senior Picture

Angela by the Creek

The next two are up on the bridge right above the creek:

Confidence on the Bridge -- Central Ohio Senior Portrait

Confidence on the Bridge

This next one is my favorite from the session. Everything just came together perfectly.

Sitting on the Bridge -- Dublin, OH Senior Picture

Sitting on the Bridge

After a little bit down at the creek, we went over to a cabin. I love the weathered wood of the cabin walls in the background.

Angela by the Cabin -- Thomas Worthington, Ohio Senior 2014

Angela by the Cabin

This one in brownstone (or sepia) is another one of my favorites of the session.

Angela in Sepiatone -- Central Ohio Senior Portrait

Angela in Sepiatone

Thanks for looking. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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Tyler — Dublin Jerome HS Class of 2014

Tyler was a bit reserved when he first came in for his senior portraits, but he quickly warmed up. I had photographed his mom about a year ago for her business, so it was nice to see her again, too. We’ll start out with a few images and then further down you can see his slideshow.

Tyler -- Dublin Jerome High School 2014


Tyler in Black and White -- Central Ohio Senior Portrait

Tyler in Black and White

He has a great smile in this next one:
Outside in the Park -- Dublin, OH High School Senior

Outside in the Park

Sitting on the Wall -- Dublin Jerome High School

Sitting on the Wall

Tyler's Closeup -- Ohio Senior Pictures

Tyler’s Closeup

And now for the slideshow. Enjoy!

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Domenick — Thomas Worthington High School 2014

Here we have a few of Domenick’s portraits from his session a little while ago. As usual, we’ll start with a slideshow and then show a few bigger images.

And now for the big photos! This first one is Domenick’s favorite:

Domenick with his Trumpet -- Thomas Worthington HS 2014

Domenick with his Trumpet

On this one he wanted to show his orange shoes.
Orange Shoes! -- Central Ohio Senior Pictures

Orange Shoes!

I really like this one in black and white. The color one was good, too, but it looked better in black and white!
Domenick in Black and White -- Dublin, OH 2014

Domenick in Black and White

This was another favorite:
By the Fence -- Thomas Worthington HS Senior

By the Fence

And, of course, near the cabin.
Leaning -- Worthington, Ohio, Class of 2014


Thanks for looking!

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James — Upper Arlington High School Class of 2014

We had a great time with James on his senior session. His family recently moved to Central Ohio and they ended up in Upper Arlington, which was convenient for everyone.

First up we’ll show you a quick slideshow:

And now for a few photos.

James from Upper Arlington -- Senior Portrait

James from Upper Arlington

This is his yearbook portrait. They wanted something formal for this one.
Senior Portrait -- Upper Arlington High School

Senior Portrait

He has a great smile in this next one.
James in the Park -- Central Ohio Senior Picture

James in the Park

This last photo was kind of an afterthought — I thought the trees made a great background.
James in his Sweatshirt -- Dublin Ohio Senior Portrait

James in his Sweatshirt

Thanks for reading! Feel free to make a comment below.

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